[Advaita-l] The story regarding Shankara's parakayapravesha

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Thu Mar 22 00:32:11 CDT 2007

It is true that the story brings discredit to Shankara."Even
Shankara.....".There is a lot of difference in the observances of a
Gruhastha and a Sannyasi of the stature of Shankara.Throughout in his
Bhashyas Shankara glorifies Sannyasa as the highest.If the Sannyasi
indulges in a fuction of a gruhastha,then what is the difference between a
gruhastha and a sannyasi?.The story is definitely introduced deliberately
to use the position of Adwaitha.The sannyasi takes "Karma sannyasa"and
places the "agni" in his heart.At a time when there was
a strict code of conduct for the sannyasis,could this have been allowed?
This story at once takes the position of a sannyasi for granted,without
recognising its importance,for Atmajnana.Those days were more stringent in
the observances of these codes.Then what is the difference between
ordinary householder and a sannyasi.For a sannyasi renunciation is laid as
an "anga".He has srict dietary habits which differs from the
householder.For them it is "eka vara bhojana"(they should eat only once a
day)They have to eschew spices and foods which stirs sensual feelings.They
must observe"yogasana"to keep their body fit and disciplined.They must
teach to the people the "Atmajnana"through pravacanas. For them "every
thing is aparigraha and bhoga tyagah".Since all cannot take to
sannyasa,this story has been deliberately introduced to highlight not
moksa dharma,but that of a grhastha.One has to realise that the bhoga in
samsara is the impediment to "Atmajnana"and give up with
intelligence.There is "adhikari bhedha"in Adwaitha.One has to obtain
"chittashuddhi"through the performance of "karma"which is the cause of
birth,and prepares himself for the final release.

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