[Advaita-l] ADMIN - Please Do Not Post to Existing Threads till raama navami

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 09:11:26 CDT 2007

(I posted this yesterday, but it did not appear so far, hence I am reposting it)

Dear Members,

We are calling a temporary suspension of all on going threads starting
tomorrow till raama navami. This will gives us all break and help us
to think over what was posted in the last one month.  We have reached
a point where people have started repeating themselves and the
interaction has become non-productive. So please *do not post* to the
ongoing threads till raama navami (March 26th).

You can post on other matters (that are not related to what was
discussed  in the recent past). Especially, do not start any  new
threads on Sri satchidanandendra sarasvati swamiji. If you ask me for
an ideas, postings  on  vishnu sahasranaama bhaashhya, trishati
bhaashhya, or other devotional works  of aacharya will be nice.

This is not a permanent suspension, but only a temporary time out.

Tomorrow sarvajit naama chaandramaana nava samvatsaram starts (also
the starting point of vasanta navaraatri).  Wish you all a happy new

On behalf of the ADMIN team,
Ravi Mayavaram

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