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Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at
Mon Mar 19 06:38:39 CDT 2007

Two books which are introductory, but which I have continuously found useful:

1. mImA.msA paribhAShA of kR^iShNa yajvan, translated by Swami
Madhavananda. Available from Ramakrishna Mutt

2. mAnameyodaya of, translated by Kunhan Raja and S. S
Suryanarayana Sastri, available from the Adyar Library

The first concentrates on injunctions, and how they function. The
second is solely about pramANa and prameya, and how they function, and
defends the bhaTTa view against other views (including advaita!).

In general, these two, in fact the first one alone, should suffice in
understanding shankara.

Another book which is supposed to be good is the translation of
mImA.msA nyAya prakAshA, edited and translated by Edgerton. I haven't
read this work.

And of course, the series on mImA.msA by our list member Kartik is a
good starting point.


On 3/7/07, Antharyami <sathvatha at> wrote:
> Hari Om,
> Rama Balasubramanian Ji and Vidya Shankar Ji,
> I would like to have your suggestion on what mimamsa treatise be initially
> needed before one enters into deep Advaita ?  also how would you see those
> people who rely upon English translations of basic treatises ? I personally
> like to learn the method of reading ... whether comparitive or critical be
> helpful ? please also help me with some info on where Laghu Vasudeva mananam
> 'moolam' is available.
> with Narayana Smrti,
> Devanathan.J
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