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NARAYANA MURTHY malahanikareswara at yahoo.co.in
Thu Mar 15 03:13:17 CDT 2007

Dear jagan,


Being away from basic thrust of the list, I send this mail reluctantly but to clear air from the following quotes of you with which I do not agree.


(The note on Sri JBS is only apparent after the sringeri matha followers, in this list, made efforts to point to it and it still is not the main focus of the article!)



Made efforts?


Whatever I wrote was not suo moto.

Until referred by Sh.Ravi I was not even aware of such an article.


True, note on Sh.JBS was not the main focus of the article.  But being factually wrong ( I deliberately avoid using a harsh expression here) and belittling Sh.JBS takes the sheen out of the article.  Don’t you think the purpose of the article could have been better served without this factually wrong note which only serves the opposite?


It is in my native village we have the adishtanam of Sh.Ramananda Saraswathi swaminaH. (Purvashrama – Sh.Ramaswamy Iyer – pitha of Sh.Krishnaswamy Iyer – latter Sh.JnyAnananda Bharathi SwaminaH) Hope you may guess the bondage we share with Sh.RSS and Sh.JBS.  


*Efforts* are needed to pen such notes on Sh.JBS with disguised sarcasm amidst a supposedly well intended article and not to point out the flaw


Your quote :


I guess that the "offending" parts are obvious only to the people who put themselves deliberately in a particular camp and view the article through the eyes of history (Sri.JBS's reference).

  Wonderful! The plate can also be upturned.  The “offending” parts are brushed aside only by those people who put themselves deliberately in a particular camp.
  All said, if at all the “offending note” illustrates anything, it is articulative writing powers of respected Sh.RG and the grudge he nurtured for Sh.JBS.  Sh.Rama wrote that Sh.JBS penned about 100+ books.  I have gone through about 10+.  Irrespective of what one says due to one’s affiliations, the works of Sh.JBS whether on Vedanta or on anyother topic would speak for themselves for generations to come. 
  BTW, Dear jagan, I am a learner of Vedanta and learn a lot from the writings of you and many other stalwarts in the list. I wish to learn and participate where I could and the above is written only to clear the air which I felt suffocated from quotes of you mentioned above.
  With warm regards

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