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Tue Mar 13 08:20:27 CDT 2007

Dear Ravi,
  Relation between the two institutions and sermons on the same needs to be given by stalwarts whose words count.  I for once agree that while deliberating on the issue there were no bad intentions on your part.  But the fact remains that it is beyond the scope of even articulate writer like ra.ganpathy whose work "Katrinile varum geetham" is my favourite.
  I do not know what was the provocation to bring up this matter.
  It seems it is on the write ups on Sh.SSS.
  Well I have very clearly told Sh.Bhaskar I have not gone through the works of Sh.SSS.  But I go by the words of Sh.Rama in this regard that there were disparaging remarks given by Sh.SSS on Vykhyana karthas after Sureshvaracharya.  They and their works were termed as a procession of blind led by blind.  It is a fact that even if not all, a major portion of vyakhyanas post Sureshvaracharya are compositions of Saints of Sharada Peetham or their sanyasin or gruhastha sishyaas.  Hope you would agree that this would not be music to the ears of the devotees of sharada peetham.  This was addressed by rama and karthik as an issue and a maximum part of their posts concentrated on rebuttals with the help of scriptures although there were occasional flare-ups.  Rama was telling the opinion of Sh.Sannidanam that Sh.SSS as “Asampradayavit”.  That sure is helpful to learners like me for choice of books at this stage.  Sh.Stig gave an explanation that blind procession is not intended as
 an offense.  In reply to Bhaskar’s post I said “Asampradayavit” again then is not intended as an offense.
  Well, when you took objection to how rama reacted to Sh.SSS, have you touched upon blind procession? Although this might be unintentional lapse on your part, it has a bad  impact  when you go to the level of delivering sermons.  Sermons are delivered by stalwarts whose words douse the fire and who are not only are neutral but make others feel their neutrality.
  The link you posted, apparently with good intention, I presuppose does not go well with many devotees like me for some of the fictions mentioned therein.  Although, I mentioned about sh.JBS, I did not touch upon other issues knowing well what you call “sensitivities” of people. 
  You told your pitha, pithamahaal were devotees of shrungeri and you are following kanchi.  This may  be the reason you may not be aware of the affection JBS have among the devotees of Sharada peetham.  Every one of us know both his poorvashrama pitha  (latter Sh.Ramananda Saraswathi swminah) and Sh.JBS himself are one of the most beloved sishyaas of Acharyavaryas of Sharada peetham.  And try to understand that anything written in contrary would not be digested well.
  Differences on view points are there on both camps.  Clinging on to their sets of convictions, normally, people from both the institutions pay respects to the saints.  It is afterall the duty of gruhastha to offer biksha to yathi.  And in this regard, one does not see to which lineage a yathi belong.
  When the unfortunate incident happened during deepavali eve at kanchi a couple of years back, do you know that shrungeri devotees also participated in the prayers?  Well I was one among a lot of people who prayed during that occasion.  
  Why I am saying this. In spite of our different convictions people can still pull on together, provided one does not hit at the wrong nerve.  
  I agree that in my last post there was heat.  It was generated out of a link although given with good intention but unfortunately containing hurtful references.  I write this here because issues could be deliberated devoid of heat and there was avoidable heat in my last mail.
  Please note that this is not a sermon.  Nowhere I have mentioned what we expect from devotees of kanchi.  Being a mortal and not a stalwart and belonging to Sharada Peetham, I feel it is not appropriate on my part to give sermons as to how devotees of kanchi should conduct themselves.
  Hope if you want to contribute even a little bit for goodwill, sermons to others could be avoided.  And this is only my humble request which you may agree with or forego.
  What we may better concentrate is to observe where we can not participate and participate where we could participate in Shankara BhashyAmrutham on which me, you, people belonging to SSS school and everyone in this august forum has interest.

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