[Advaita-l] jnAna-vijnAna, gradations in Atma jnAna, superior-inferior jnAna nishTa etc. etc. PART-I

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To add to what others have already said and to clarify this list's aims:

Our list policy says, "The purpose of Advaita-L is to discuss 
advaita-vedAnta as taught by SrI Sankara and the smArta sampradAya.  Through 
these discussions, we hope to increase the understanding of our dharma from 
a traditional stand point, which the shankara maTha-s uphold right from the 
time of
their inception." Please see 

Personally, I admire, revere, stand by and am guided by the Sringeri Acharya 
and the matha's tradition. However, there are other longstanding members of 
this list, as well as new members, who are aligned with other institutions 
or perhaps with none.

We cannot presume to speak for any of the traditional mathas, in an official 
or unofficial capacity. We have come together on this forum only in order to 
assist in our own svAdhyAya, to engage in and to mutually benefit from a 
dialogue with other people who share our interests in advaita vedAnta. That 
is all. I hope that this settles doubts on the matter.


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>Namaste dear list owners/moderators,
>I have been part of this list for more than 8-9 years. But may I clarify
>if what Kartik wrote is true pls. Thank you.
>Warmest Regards,
>Kathirasan K
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>Kartik wrote:
>I must point out that this list firmly stands by the Sringeri Math
>when it comes to understanding Sankara's doctrine.
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