SSS and Madhva (was Re: [Advaita-l] Review of MarthaDoherty'scomments on Sri Satchidanandendra Sarasvati)

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Thu Mar 1 22:29:06 CST 2007

On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, S Jayanarayanan wrote:

> Resoning based on the scriptures ought to be in line with the
> Sampradaya. If someone uses "logic" to argue against the doctrine of
> the Bhamati, Panchapadika, Jivanmuktiviveka, Vivekachudamani -- how
> exactly can that person be called a Sampradayavit?

Bhamati and vivarana also disagree with each other so how could they be 
called sampradayavits?

> It is interesting that Madhva goes only one step further -- he also
> argues against Sankara.
> Is there really that much difference between the two -- insofar as
> they take a stance against the Sampradaya?

It's the difference between "loyal opposition" and "enemies of the state." 
And that makes all the difference.

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