SSS and Madhva (was Re: [Advaita-l] Review of MarthaDoherty'scomments on Sri Satchidanandendra Sarasvati)

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Thu Mar 1 11:53:15 CST 2007

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> Let's 
> keep the conversation on a higher level shall we?  Also Kartiks
> last reply 
> to Bhaskar got a little personal and that is not the kind of
> atmosphere 
> we want on advaita-l.

Sorry. I sent out my previous email before I received Jaldhar's email

I agree that my reply to Bhaskar yesterday was a bit personal, and
will remedy that in my future emails.

> My 2 cents.  I don't think I buy all of Swami Sacchidanandendras'
> critique 
> but it does not strike me as being outside the realm of Advaita
> tradition 
> and the efforts to portray him as outside the sampradaya seem a bit
> strained.  But if people are using that critique to avoid the later
> Vedantins that's a grave mistake.  Advaita Vedanta developed the
> way it 
> did for good reasons.

Resoning based on the scriptures ought to be in line with the
Sampradaya. If someone uses "logic" to argue against the doctrine of
the Bhamati, Panchapadika, Jivanmuktiviveka, Vivekachudamani -- how
exactly can that person be called a Sampradayavit?

It is interesting that Madhva goes only one step further -- he also
argues against Sankara.

Is there really that much difference between the two -- insofar as
they take a stance against the Sampradaya?


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