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Sat Jun 30 20:15:18 CDT 2007

>   the problem in the understanding of the idea of non-action or 
>non-doership as
>   the 'means' to liberation is that we think in terms of a 'will to 
>   this is because we think 'to act' is natural and 'to not act' requires 
>   to act, indeed, is natural to phenomenal nature, but not to 'Self'.
>   thus 'to not act' is not to force prakriti into non-action (impossible 
>of course) but
>   to be non-attached to action.

This is exactly what the gItA conveys in verses 3.4, 4.18 etc.

na karmaNAm anArambhAn naishkarmyaM purusho 'Snute

karmaNy akarma yaH paSyed akarmaNi ca karma yaH sa buddhimAn manushyeshu

Further elaboration is given in verses 4.19, 14.19 etc.

yasya sarve samArambhAH kAma-saMkalpa-varjitAH jnAnAgni-dagdha-karmANaM tam 
AhuH paNDitaM budhAH

nAnyaM guNebhyaH kartAraM yadA drashTA 'nupaSyati

Best regards,

>   please comment.
>   dilip wrote:
>   .....the Mumukshatwa is the link between the phenomenon and the 
>   The  impulse to be free is from the land of noumenon , manifesting in 
>   domain of phenomenality. The  explanation , the form ,  is later given 
>by the
>   mind.
>   prem:
>   'noumenon' or 'thing in itself' as first proposed by Kant is a concept 
>   maintains the manifold mutiplicity of reality. as you of course know, 
>   position is different, we say that multiplicity is only the Name & Form 
>and the
>   so called 'noumenon' is un-differentiated Existence. We say, 'isavasyam 
>   sarvam' and lest we forget 'tat tvam asi' too (as sri sadananda and sri 
>   points out).
>   (dilip, as for 'Name & Form' itself there has been lot of 
>   discussion & papers in the list, if you look up the archives of last few 
>   as 'bhava-rupa', 'abhava-rupa' etc.)
>   dear list members, your comments requested.
>   pranam.
>   ...prem
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