[Advaita-l] Ravi's guidelines

Guy Werlings werlings.guy at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jun 18 08:30:55 CDT 2007

sarvebhyo namaH|

Dear SrI Ravi,

I just wish to add a few lines to my earlier message as to your wise 

I am outright aware that I by hammering it in, I might soon be irritating 
quite a few (if not all) members, although it is not at all in my intention. 
And I also must stress that I have not been committed by anybody to "teach" 
anyone, being only a very common or even very lowly seeker, knowing nothing 
about the bare fact that I know that I am knowing nothing, which is already 
something in itself.

It happens, however, that I remain sometimes under the impression (maybe 
false) that a certain number of A-L members, while they pose to be advaitins 
are in fact behaving more or less like the dvaitins criticized in the Maa. 
Kaa. 3-17: firmly rooted (nishcitAH) in the methodologies leading to their 
own conclusions (svasidhAnta-vyavasthAsu) they stand arrayed against one 
another (parasparam virudhyante). The non-dualist never quarrels with 

"If there is a second thing only, one will have to be afraid of it - is it 
(BR^i° U° 1.4.2). Paraphrasing this quite famous statement, we could say "if 
there is a second entity only, one may quarrel with it or have a dispute 
with it".

I do apologise for these conceited and probably preposterous remarks.

kshamyataam.h |

Guy W.

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