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Sun Jun 17 09:16:43 CDT 2007

I am an informal student of Adwaita Darshan.My interest goes back to 1990 , 
when i was an avid reader of new age physics books. Somehow I was not 
satisfied  with the  expositions of the riddles of modern physics. So I 
happened to read Sw Vivekananda's  book on Jnanayoga. I found it very 

Later I attended  many lectures on Adwaita  subjects, and Upanishadas. 
Notable among them were -- Dakshinamurthy stotra , Kena , Katha, Isha 

I am also a student of Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj's ' I am That " which 
resembles  more with Gaudapada's Ajatawada.

The Adwaita Darshan  is  the last word  in the metaphysics of  spirituality. 
So  the study is still going on.

As to my secular  details---

I have passed from IIT Kharagpur  and IIM Banagalore. Now I am making  
electromagnetic  devices and research prototypes for R and D institutions in 
my factory. I live in Pune, India, with my wife and daughter.

Dilip Dhopavkar

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