[Advaita-l] A discussion on Advaitha vedantha

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Sat Jun 16 01:02:27 CDT 2007

This is with reference to the Email by Sri Krunal on the discussion on
Advaitha vedantha.He has asked a question even after Shankaracharya and
the so called liberated persons are liberated,why the world continues to
carry on and that is that after realising Brahman,I get liberated and that
my relations continue to carry on.This is a very important point in
Advaitha vedantha.Sri shankara has answered it from the Vyavaharic point
of view.Many theories have been built up on the reality or unreality of
the world and on liberation.None of them answers this question
conclusively.This is what I have understood.Sri Shankara has not bothered
to answer whether the world is real or not.Rather,he has strived through
the sruthi pramanya  to answer on  the point what is the reality behind
the phenomenon or the world.It was Gaudapada who strived much deeper into
the reality or unreality of the world through the Mandukya Upanishad and
the Gaudapada Karikas.He says that the world of phenomenon is like a
"Svapna maye yatha drste Gandharvanagaram yatha...".Sri Shankara has
placed the "Jiva"or the individual self at the centre.It is not important
whether he has realised 'Brahman" or not.Has he realised that he is at the
centre of the Phenomenon?.It is "Jivo Brahmaiva" and not "Brahman is
It is not easy to answer the question whether world continues after
realisation,it becomes a conjecture.But it can be said that a realised
person will be at a different dimension.

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