[Advaita-l] What were the other vedantic schools in Sankara'stime?

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 21:50:06 CDT 2007

>I have to voice my concerns here again.
>It is totally unfair to punish one and not others who
>have been more arrogant and more sarcastic. Again, I
>think, it shows the bias of the moderators.

Dear Smt. Savithri,

I would have much preferred to respond to you in private, but as this is not 
the first time that you are accusing us moderators of being biased, I am 
constrained to respond publicly on the list.

I have to point out two things here. For one, it was another list member, 
who has been totally silent in the past, not a moderator, who expressed 
displeasure with Bhaskar's post and expressed a wish to be removed from the 
list. Secondly, there is no punishment anywhere. Ravi only requested 
Bhaskar, and very politely at that, to take a break. It is not an 
unreasonable request, and to read a punishment into it is quite wrong.

>Kartik, Rama and others (senani has been quite
>sarcastic of late) have been severely more rude and
>arrogant and on more occassions than Bhaskar. They
>were never condemned, and when Anand made a useless
>comment encouraging the instigators, he was nudged on
>as someone who was a scholar on the list by a
>moderator. I have on several occassions made my
>comments on these.

You may call me biased, but Anand is definitely a scholar of a very high 
order and commands the highest respect from those of us who have been on 
this list for more than a decade. You may also recall that I nevertheless 
publicly told Anand that I did not read in Bhaskar's posts the same kind of 
intent that he did. I also publicly told Rama to tone down his posts. At the 
time, nobody took it upon themselves to cry foul, on Anand's or Rama's 
behalf. Ravi's post is the first time one of us moderators has publicly 
called upon Bhaskar in this context.

As for Siva Senani, I have followed fairly closely the exchanges that he and 
Bhaskar have had. Suffice it to say that none of us moderators has felt the 
need to pull him up for anything. We have so far given everyone equal 
opportunity to express themselves as freely as they wish. It is each 
person's choice, whether to be polite and civil, or rude and sarcastic.

Contrary to what you claim, there is no mutual admiration society going on 
here. As students of advaita vedAnta, each of us has our own views, right or 
wrong. As moderators, Jaldhar, Ravi and I have tried (and are trying) our 
utmost to be fair to all concerned, putting aside our own views on the core 
issues of this debate. I know you are not going to agree, but I leave it to 
each list member to judge for themselves.

Believe me, being a moderator of such a fractious list as ours has now 
become is not easy to begin with and it certainly does not help when our 
judgement is called into question at every instance.


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