[Advaita-l] What were the other vedantic schools inSankara'stime?

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Thu Jun 7 22:05:28 CDT 2007

Dear Peter,

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>Bhaskar writes:
>praNAms Sri SSN prabhuji
>Hare Krishna
>Atlast, after repeated insistence, you have, this time, comeout with some
>*stuff* which is worth for further discussion.  Thanks a lot for changing
>your approach towards philosophical discussion :-))
>At the beginning itself, I am humbly requesting my another guruji...<snip>
>I am a silent member (for which I apologize) who has endured reading the
>above kind of comments in the associated thread for some time now.
>I'm not sure how the "pranam", "sri", "prabhuji", "humbly" etc go together
>with the regular sarcasm in these mails.
>Would the Moderators be kind enough to remove my name from the list. I have
>tried to do it through the website but have been unsuccessful.
>Thank you,
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