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The answer is a firm NO.  Note that Bhagavan Ramana gave his mother Moksha
and there stands a 'Maathrubutheswara Temple' on her samadhi.

Sanyasa Ashrama is part of Varnasrama Dharma where only the Brahmins are
entitled to Sanyasa.  I want to remind here that Krishna points out to
Arjuna that he is not entitled to Sanyasa in the second chapter of Bhagavat
Geetha.  In fact it is only reasonable to infer that the concept of Dharma
is societal and all varnas have respective role in society without which the
society would collapse.  A brahmin who takes up sanyasa would immediately
lose his varna status. A Sanyasi is considered beyond Varna.

With Narayanasmrithi,

On 1/29/07, K.Sankarasubramanian(Finance/TVS-E) <
k.sankarasubramanian at tvs-e.in> wrote:
> I have a query to pose to the learned members here.. Is there any
> compulsion in the sastras for everyone to get into Sannyasa Ashrama ?
> Can we not get Moksha without going through the Sannyasa Ashrama ? If
> Sannyasa Ashrama is a compulsion, what about ladies ? Pl let me know if
> there is any such Sannyasa Ashrama for ladies.
> KSS/29.01.2007
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