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Ramanathan P p_ramanathan at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 27 20:28:30 CST 2007

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> > Sri Kris Manian wrote:
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> > > I believe Ramana said that (Cmiiw) you dont have
> > to
> > > be saMnyasI to achive
> > > what he did, in an interview. 
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Sri Ramana was free of the delusion that we find 
ourselves in. 

Have you ever met a person in some delusional state
tried to convince him/her otherwise? You cannot 
understand their problem, and they cannot understand 
your easy solution.

The solution for the free soul will always be simple,
and to the bound, any such will appear impossible.

(Sri Ramana (as I recall) also has said that he told 
a person who 
asked about renouncing to go back to the world, since
if he was ready, the question would not have arisen:
he would have simply renounced)

A person entangled in the world and its obligations is
less likely (as we may know) to commit to the 
religious path in the manner of a Ramana Maharshi. 

Sannyasa is the best framework for 99% of seekers 
where these ideals can be realized. The sages affirm
this after finding out. There will always be 
exceptional cases, but the common rule is this austere
path, wherein there is “I” and “God” alone and all of 
the mind's potencies can be channelized to finding the
Unity between.

For the rest of us, practice of Advaita occurs in deep
sleep (!), and if we are fortunate enough to have 
life’s tests and tribulations, for which the world 
cannot be of help, these life saving principles can be

“practiced” and understood. It is a longer process
hopefully will lead us to the end.


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