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Amuthan aparyap at
Thu Jan 25 21:11:49 CST 2007

namo nArAyaNAya!

On 1/25/07, asad mustafa <> wrote:
>   I may be mistaken about mainstream beliefs of hinduism, but my observation was not without any basis. I personally know quite a few hindus. When I got curious about Ramana Maharishi, I first asked them about him. Frankly, they were as clueless as me. Some of them had vaguely heard Ramana's name, some showed a namesake respect but most of them did not know anything at all about him.

there is a huge difference between ignorance of ramaNa maharShi and
calling the teachings of ramaNa maharShi as heretical (which btw is
the context of this entire discussion). ignorance of a doctrine does
not imply that it is considered a heresy. otoh, calling a doctrine a
heresy is not possible without knowing it and evaluating it in terms
of one's beliefs. an average hindu who does not know ramaNa maharShi
would certainly look upon him with reverence when he learns about him
and *not* call his teachings a heresy. i hope the difference is
clearly understood.

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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