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Tue Jan 9 23:37:17 CST 2007

On 1/9/07, Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna <puttakrishna_at_verizon.net> wrote:
> Another source quoted is from MahabhArata - shanti parva (577), in which
> bhagavAn vEdavyAsa has said
> "gurOh apyavaliptasya kAryA-karyam ajAnatah utpatha pratipannasya parityAgO
> vidhiyatE" - A person who is arrogant, engaged in activities lacking the
> discrimination of the right and wrong kArya (activity), he should be
> rejected, though he is a guru.
> (I could not find this verse in my edition - a 32 volume publication of
> mahAbhArata in kannada from the bhArata darshana publication, karnAtaka. If
> someone can locate this verse ain some other publication and post it in this
> list, that would complete the sources for this topic.)

a google search gave the following references. the above verse occurs
in ma.bhA. shAnti parva 57.7 according to the version found in
(or http://www.philosophy.ru/library/asiatica/indica/itihasa/mahabharata/sans/)

a similar verse (again from the same source) is in udyoga parva 178.24
which goes as follows:

'gurorapyavaliptasya kAryAkAyamajAnataH.
 utpathapratipannasya kAryaM bhavati shAsaNam..'

interestingly, the above verse also seems to occur in shrImad vAlmIki
rAmAyaNa. see for instance verse 13 in
http://www.valmikiramayan.net/ayodhya/sarga21/ayodhyaitrans21.htm. but
i need to check if this reference is reliable since i wasn't able to
find it in other versions.

another variation occurs in kUrma purANa 14.24 (source:

'gurorapyavaliptasya kAryAkAryamajAnataH.
 utpathapratipannasya manustyAgaM samabravIt..'

while on this topic, let me add that before we question our guru, it
is necessary to question ourself if we have the right qualifications
to do so. it is easier to find fault with others than to notice those
present in us.


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