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Subject : --__The meaning of hara hara mahAdEv

>From :--  Krishnarao Lanka

Date :-- January 06 2007

MAnya mahAsayAh,

             In my openmion 'mahAdEva' means

mahas means an aggregate collection of so many consubstantially the same
individual things together

in a single unit, like the totality of a number of trees together named as a

 "samaShtirISah sarvEShAm swAtma tAdAtmya vEdanAT |

  tad aBhAvat tad anyE tu j~nyAyantE vyaShTi samj~nyayA ||"

           So the word 'mahAdEva' denotes the governing power which controls
the whole unit of universe

containing so many worlds with so many mobile and immobile beings in all of

which is after all only an extension of the last visible state of the
tiniest spot called "Siva" (bindu)..

         In one of the two words 'hara' and 'hara', one indicates this

"ha" the moon and "ra" the fire.  "agnI ShOmAtmakam jagat"

and the other hara indicates the request for desolution

        While repeatedly saying "hara hara mahAdEv" the worshipper is
constantly and persistently praying

that supreme power to extinguish the mundane scenery of this universe which
is grasping him with so many

sensory attractions and trying to dip him in the magic of "mAyA"


Krishnarao Lanka

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