[Advaita-l] Reconciling current research with Advaitic theory of mind

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 07:51:54 CST 2007

On 2/23/07, S Jayanarayanan <sjayana at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Rest assured that every one of the objections raised against
> Consciousness by the materialists have answers in Sankara's Brahma
> Sutra Bhashya 3.3.54. I will try to post on these topics soon. It is
> unfortunately too difficult to explain in one posting.
> Regards,
> Kartik

I am looking forward to this. I remember that you once mentioned that
Sri Ramanujas arguments in this regard are not as incisive as that of
Bhagavatpaadas. If you could do a small comparison of their arguments,
it would be great.


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