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Dear Krishnamurtyji,

        Hats off to you sir, for the excellent clarification abot theism.
"There is only god and nothing else is any where.  Every thing is only its
extention like the waves, bubbles and many others in the ocean. "mattah
parataram nAsti kincit"

Thanking you again,

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> Asad Mustafa Rizvi ji;
> advaita vEdAnta says " There is only God ";That is what the
> non-duality means. So where is the question
> of any doubt about its theism???
> vEda refers to the Karma (righteous divine actions). vEdAnta
> refers to the knowledge(of Brahman). vEda could be
> polytheistic or monotheistic only from the perspective of the
> individual. Even here there is only (one) God; Other Gods are
> appointed positions for the management of this universe, in
> recognition of their righteous divine karma. These Gods represent
> that only God.
> K. Ramakrishna.
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> Subject: [Advaita-l] Is advaita atheistc?
> In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful.
> I have a querry. Is advaita vedanta atheistic
> religion?
> I see Ramana making few references to God. Similarly,
> most of  the discussions on this list are also without
> reference to God. I understand that 'vedanta' comes
> from veda. Is veda polytheistic or monotheistic or
> atheistc?
> Jazakallah
> Asad Mustafa Rizvi
> __________________________________________________________
> Krihnarao Lanka

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