[Advaita-l] BrahmaGYAna and jIvanmukti - 5 (Other References)

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> Dear members
> I think that what is called unsteady GYana is actually GYana
> accomplished
> yet doubt lingering in that individual as to whether that is the
> GYana
> sought after.

If there is any doubt on GYAna, it wouldn't be AtmaGYAna.

VidyAraNya likens the state of the GYAnimAtra to that of a person who
knows fully well that the rope is a rope, but still has residual
"fears" from the prior experience of seeing the snake.

> For this he has to verify it with the help of
> Shruthi/Smrithi/Acharya.

It is unlikely that a "verification" of AtmaGYAna can be done by
taking recourse to scriptural statements, because the truthhood of
the scriptural statements are lower in status (aparAvidyA) to that of
AtmaGYAna (parAvidyA).

> Darkness gradually disappearing giving way
> to light
> etc,in my opinion is not   very appropriate to explain the
> situation as
> night falling/daybreaking are due to rotation of earth. If some one
> is in a
> dark room and suddenly electricity is switched on there is
> immediate
> light.The adjustment to that situation may perhaps be called
> unsteady GYana.

I think you're right. There are some who "adjust" themselves to GYAna
quickly and become sthitapraGYas. There are those who find it
difficult, and have to make effort to steady themselves to abide in


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