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> Due
> to time constraints I am not able to participate in this discussion
> atleast
> next one week...But let me bluntly say that *the gradation in self
> knowledge*  is simply shAstra vAkya viruddha ( goes against
> scriptural
> verdict such as bramavit bramaiva bhavati, nEha nAnAsti
> kiNchana)...Here
> knowing brahman is nothing but *realizing* that  brahman is our own
> true
> svarUpa...we cannot say I have partly understood brahman & still I
> remain
> *gnAni mAtra* & I need to do *something* ater jnAna to become
> *brahman* /

Find any quote of mine, in any mailing list, where I spoke of
"partial Brahman-realization" as being advaita siddhi, and I promise
to become a mute follower of SSS.

As I've never spoken of this in any context, let alone the
discussions on the JMV, there are two possibilities here:

1) You genuinely believe that the JMV considers "partial
Brahman-realization", in which case I can only direct you to re-read
my postings. I cannot help you understand the JMV any other way.

2) Since the thesis of the JMV is iron-clad, the technique adopted
here is that of creating and defeating a strawman.

> jnAni in absolute sense...brahma jnAna is not an objective
> knowledge like
> that...He who has realized that he is the secondless brahman
> (yEkamEvAdvitIya brahman) beyond all action, means of action and
> fruits
> there of, is the ONLY real jnAnin.  Such an enlightened one has
> nothing
> more to accomplish to *become* something else from what he *ever*
> was/is/will be...calibrating jnAni-s like jnAni mAtra & jIvan mukta
> etc.
> etc. and entrusting him certain disciplining acts (vidhi-s) etc.
> etc. are
> due to lack of grasping the truth behind the jnAni-hood as
> enshrined in
> shruti-s...It is a matter of fact that jnAni would never look upon
> the
> possession of a body as a real fact (see bruhadAraNyaka which says
> how
> jnAni is *asharIri* even it seems he is in sharIra)...under these
> circumstances, where is the question of *leaving desires* AFTER
> atma
> jnAna??  jnAni reaping the the result of prArabda karma is only a
> statement
> from the trasactional view point...If he is real jnAni then there
> is no
> question of upAdhi baNdhana, karma bandhana etc. ....
> If time permits I shall take your quotes from
> bruhadAraNyaka....shankara
> explicitly deals with this shAstra vAkya  in sUtra bhAshya as
> well...

You're referring to the BSB 3.4.47.

I'll study that passage carefully, and prepare myself so as to be
able to prove you wrong when you post on it :-)

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar

Hari Bol!


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