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Wed Feb 7 06:51:21 CST 2007

I believe it is the other way around. Since a couple of the followers
of SSS (e.g. Bhaskar YR, Venkat Subramanian) in this list have argued
against the difference between steady and unsteady AtmaGYAna, I would
like to see some proof of the assertion that SSS did comprehend this
in his writings.

praNAms Sri Karthik prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I think we have stopped this discussion earlier because of Sri Vidyashankar
prabhuji's intervention as a moderator.  Again the topic rised its hood
onceagain and as usual  targetting my beloved parama guruji Sri SSS...Due
to time constraints I am not able to participate in this discussion atleast
next one week...But let me bluntly say that *the gradation in self
knowledge*  is simply shAstra vAkya viruddha ( goes against scriptural
verdict such as bramavit bramaiva bhavati, nEha nAnAsti kiNchana)...Here
knowing brahman is nothing but *realizing* that  brahman is our own true
svarUpa...we cannot say I have partly understood brahman & still I remain
*gnAni mAtra* & I need to do *something* ater jnAna to become *brahman* /
jnAni in absolute sense...brahma jnAna is not an objective knowledge like
that...He who has realized that he is the secondless brahman
(yEkamEvAdvitIya brahman) beyond all action, means of action and fruits
there of, is the ONLY real jnAnin.  Such an enlightened one has nothing
more to accomplish to *become* something else from what he *ever*
was/is/will be...calibrating jnAni-s like jnAni mAtra & jIvan mukta etc.
etc. and entrusting him certain disciplining acts (vidhi-s) etc. etc. are
due to lack of grasping the truth behind the jnAni-hood as enshrined in
shruti-s...It is a matter of fact that jnAni would never look upon the
possession of a body as a real fact (see bruhadAraNyaka which says how
jnAni is *asharIri* even it seems he is in sharIra)...under these
circumstances, where is the question of *leaving desires* AFTER atma
jnAna??  jnAni reaping the the result of prArabda karma is only a statement
from the trasactional view point...If he is real jnAni then there is no
question of upAdhi baNdhana, karma bandhana etc. ....

If time permits I shall take your quotes from bruhadAraNyaka....shankara
explicitly deals with this shAstra vAkya  in sUtra bhAshya as well...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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