[Advaita-l] Can Anyone Answer My Doubt?

Sharath T Poojary sharat4u1 at rediffmail.com
Wed Dec 19 07:49:06 CST 2007


When they say the soul is born again and again, WHOM are they refering to? The SELF is birthless and stays where it has been. The body, ego and mind, since they are the part of material world are destroyed with the body on death.

You see mind is actually material in nature. It is caused by the background working of the body, especially the BRAIN. Of course, the sense of PERCEPTION and Realness that seems associated with the mind/thoughts is due to SELF (CONSCIOUSNESS). Self illumines the mind, but mind belongs to the material part (body). This being so, WHO is there to take RE-BIRTH? WHO is the CARRIER of VASANAS to the next birth?

I hope someone who has seen through this problem will help me see it too. I'm anxiously waiting for a reply.


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