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Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 06:46:28 CST 2007


I personally do not understand terms like  
"jIvanmukta", in an absolute sense hence I will not 
attempt to reconcile avatAra concept with it.

Using a more pragmatic approach towards vedanta that 
is certainly advaitic in its flavor, we can explain
avatAra as follows:

Please follow the explanation of "Path1", and "Path2"
in posts below:

In Path2, advanced puruSa-s, after their stay in bhU 
loka, will continue to exist in highly evolved loka-s 
like vaikunTha, kailAs, ... depending on the exact 
nature of saguNa brahma upAsanA undertaken by them in 
bhU loka.

If there is a need for "taking care of some issues"
in the bhU loka, these advanced puruSa(s) may choose
to spend some time again in bhU loka. These are
the avatAra-s. 

Where does the prArabdha karma necessary to take
birth in bhU loka come from? These advanced puruSa-s
likely understand prakRti/ mAyA well enough to 
invoke the appropriate vidyA needed to generate 
the required karma.
(this ability to generate or destroy karma should be
considered a pragmatic equivalent of jIvanmukta)


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