[Advaita-l] Clarification on BG Chapter 10 Shloka 21

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 12 23:05:34 CST 2007


In this context one may also refer to yoga sutra
3.28:"(by samyama on) chandra tArA vyuha jnAnam"

I assume here the goal is to understand how stars 
influence our lives (reference here is to astrology
rather than understanding stars by themselves as
is the focus of science today).

To understand this it seems the suggested method is 
to start by understanding how moon influences our
lives (in astrological sense).


> Namaskara,
> I have a doubt regarding the BG Chapter 10 Shloka
21. The english
> translation of the shloka is:
> Among the Adityas I am Visnu; among the luminaries,
the radiant sun;
> among the (forty-nine) Maruts I am Marici; 
> ** among the stars I am the moon. **
> Why is MOON referred to as a STAR?
> Is the translation of 'nakshtra' as a star fine?
> Does this match with the today's definition of the
star or moon?
> Pranams,
> Chakra

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