[Advaita-l] new identity acquired?

latha vidyaranya lathavidya at yahoo.co.in
Wed Dec 12 05:52:16 CST 2007

hari om
  here, in this list, we all strive to inculcate the advaita philosophy in our daily lives striving to attain the ultimate truth. this is the spiritual side of us.
  there is also a vyaavahaaric face of ours that keep clinging to the present identities and also try to attain newer identities! at times there arises a clash between the two faces of ours when we wonder how do we reconcile the two?!
  yes, it may not be simple, yet possible. try to keep the spiritual identity intact and look upon all the worldly identities as various roles that we are playing in this big cosmic drama. put your best into those roles, play them well, entertain the audience / spectators, all the while residing in your innerself and looking at and enjoying your own roles! we do not know what the next scene is, what new facade we need to wear, how many other actors are dropped from the play and how many reach the last scene along with us!
  one such new identity that i have acquired is that of a blogger in wordpress. whenever i write a post i try to embed little philosophy, little psychology, little spirituality and a big amount of entertainment to amuse my audience (the blog readers). i am thoroughly enjoying the new identity, keeping my immutable identity intact.
  want to have a peep into my new role? you may visit me at:
  your contribution in the form of posts, comments and feedback are most welcome there.
  i have not forgotten you all. just looking at life from a new perspective and trying to understand others' perspectives too. the advaitic perspective - the substratum - binds us all here. there it is only a super imposed outlook.
  hari om

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