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From: H.N.Sreenivasa  Murthy
  Pranams to all.
  Dear Sri Vishwanathan Raman,
           The five points given out by you  are very thought provoking.
  The first four points, are they mere statements to be believed in only or they are statements of facts which have been verified  and which can be verified. If they are verified and verifiable facts  what is the methodology for examining/verifying them?  How can I make them a living Truth within myself?
           Help in that direction will immemsely benefit  the mumukshus . Please share your understanding.
  With warm and respectful regards,
  Sreenivasa Murthy 

Vishwanathan Raman <raman.vishwanathan at gmail.com> wrote:
  I would like to add one point here (based on my understanding of my Guru
Swami ParamArthanandA's teachings).

He often says 5 points in his classes, that we need to remember whenever we
talk about Consciousness aka Existence (Note the capitalized forms of 'C'
and 'E'), which I would like quote here for the benefit of the list members.

(1) Consciousness or Existence is not a part/product/property of the body /
mind complex.
(2) Consciousness or Existence is an independent entity that pervades and
enlivens the body / mind complex.
(3) Consciousness or Existence is not limited by the boundaries of the body
/ mind complex.
(4) Consciousness or Existence survives even after the disintegration of the
body / mind complex.
(5) The surviving Consciousness or Existence is not experienced not because
it is absent but because the medium of transaction (body / mind complex) is
not present.

Thus whenever we talk about gradations in Consciousness what we are really
talking about is the Reflected Consciousness (ChidAbhAsa) and not the
Original Consciousness (which is Sat-Chit-Ananda).

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