[Advaita-l] The Infinite Delight

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Thu Aug 30 04:10:07 CDT 2007

The Infinite Delight: The only Sphere Naturally Suited to Man's Existence
A fish had accidentally jumped out of the water and was struggling. A
merciful gentleman took pity and carried the fish home, put it on a warm
bed, bathed it, massaged it-in fact, provided it with all the comforts he
could afford. Yet, the fish was still struggling. He threw it back into the
water; and it instantly began to swim happily. Man too is out of his
element. The ignorant man of the world is attached to his perishable body,
mind, etc., and so suffers. But he would be ever happy again as soon as he
realises his real Nature, Satchidananda Svaroop

Source : Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, Sri Swami Sivanandaji Daily

Om Tat Sat,

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