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Dear Sri Vishwaji,

I have said and I quote: "Sookshma sareeram can exist without sthoola
sareeram but cannot exist without
kaaraNa sareeram.  KaaraNa sareeram can exist without sookshma sareeram but
praana to sustain it."  If you look closely you would understand that these
three entities (sookshma sareeram, kaaraNa sareeram and praaNa) are together
when they enter and leave the body because it is the sookshma sareeram that
transmigrates.  If we separate each of them to have a clear understanding of
each, then sookshma sareeram is nothing but the gods of organs (without whom
the organs of the gross body (sthoola sareeram) would not function.  For
example in a dead body the eyes are perfect however they cannot see for the
gods who man them have left.

As I said before, all the three sareerams are inert and 'life and death'
belong to them.  The sentience without which these bodies have no existence
is beyond their reach (but depend on the sentience for their functioning)
and is actually called jeeva (microcosm) or Easwara (macrocosm) as they are
looked at differently. The Sentience per se (Brahman) is the beyond and is
actually anirvachaneeya.  Since there is nothing apart from Brahman, Easwara
is known as Saguna Brahman.

The advocates of micro and macro frankensteins do not understand that they
are only talking of inert things even when they refer to 'life'.


On 8/26/07, Vishwanathan Raman <raman.vishwanathan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are not praana and mind part of the sookshma sareera (per the definition
> for
> sookshma sareera by Sankara in Tattvabodha)?
> Regards,
> Vishwa
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> > Pranaams to all.
> >
> > We all have three bodies - sthoola sareeram,  sookshma sareeram and
> > kaaraNa
> > sareeram.  In waking state all the three are experienced.  In dream
> state
> > the sthoola sareeram is absent from our experience.  In deep sleep both
> > sthoola sareeram and sookshma sareeram are not experienced.  All these
> > three
> > bodies even as we say are 'alive' are inert for they are driven by
> praaNa
> > which is an inert entity.
> >
> > A chicken with its head cut off still jumps around for a little while
> just
> > as a person waking from a nightmare experiences it for a little while in
> > his
> > waking state.  So much so there is a lingering 'life' in the blood
> > extracted.  This is merely the case of vaasana.
> >
> > Sthoola sareeram cannot exist without the other two sareerams.  Sookshma
> > sareeram can exist without sthoola sareeram but cannot exist without
> > kaaraNa
> > sareeram.  KaaraNa sareeram can exist without sookshma sareeram but
> needs
> > praana to sustain it.  KaaraNa sareeram is the ignorant entity, the
> mind,
> > which manifests avidya and vidya (yet ignorant only). It is the  praaNa
> > that  enters and leaves the 'body'  where the 'body' is understood as
> the
> > sthoola sareeram.  As it leaves the body, PraaNa takes the sookshma
> > sareeram
> > (along with the kaaraNa sareeram as sthoola sareeram cannot exist
> without
> > the kaaraNa sareeram) and as it enters another sthoola sareeram it does
> so
> > with the sookshma sareeram (and the kaaraNa sareeram).  So it is right
> to
> > say that it is the sookshma sareeram that transmigrates. This
> > transmigrating
> > 'soul' in vaachyaartham is really unreal! In Lakshyaartham it is the
> > Aathma
> > the one without the second.
> >
> > In advaita our understanding is that there is nothing apart from the
> > sentient entity called Aathman.  Somehow I get the feeling that there is
> > lot
> > of hairsplitting arguments going on in this discussion.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Anbu
> >
> >
> >
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