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Are not praana and mind part of the sookshma sareera (per the definition for
sookshma sareera by Sankara in Tattvabodha)?


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> Pranaams to all.
> We all have three bodies - sthoola sareeram,  sookshma sareeram and
> kaaraNa
> sareeram.  In waking state all the three are experienced.  In dream state
> the sthoola sareeram is absent from our experience.  In deep sleep both
> sthoola sareeram and sookshma sareeram are not experienced.  All these
> three
> bodies even as we say are 'alive' are inert for they are driven by praaNa
> which is an inert entity.
> A chicken with its head cut off still jumps around for a little while just
> as a person waking from a nightmare experiences it for a little while in
> his
> waking state.  So much so there is a lingering 'life' in the blood
> extracted.  This is merely the case of vaasana.
> Sthoola sareeram cannot exist without the other two sareerams.  Sookshma
> sareeram can exist without sthoola sareeram but cannot exist without
> kaaraNa
> sareeram.  KaaraNa sareeram can exist without sookshma sareeram but needs
> praana to sustain it.  KaaraNa sareeram is the ignorant entity, the mind,
> which manifests avidya and vidya (yet ignorant only). It is the  praaNa
> that  enters and leaves the 'body'  where the 'body' is understood as the
> sthoola sareeram.  As it leaves the body, PraaNa takes the sookshma
> sareeram
> (along with the kaaraNa sareeram as sthoola sareeram cannot exist without
> the kaaraNa sareeram) and as it enters another sthoola sareeram it does so
> with the sookshma sareeram (and the kaaraNa sareeram).  So it is right to
> say that it is the sookshma sareeram that transmigrates. This
> transmigrating
> 'soul' in vaachyaartham is really unreal! In Lakshyaartham it is the
> Aathma
> the one without the second.
> In advaita our understanding is that there is nothing apart from the
> sentient entity called Aathman.  Somehow I get the feeling that there is
> lot
> of hairsplitting arguments going on in this discussion.
> Regards,
> Anbu

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