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Thu Aug 2 06:26:46 CDT 2007

Dear Sri Srikanta,

'Guru' is one's own and not a general commodity.  You seem to judge all
Gurus before knowing your own.  With samithu in your hand keep searching
with respect and reverence for the Guruparampara and you are sure to get

On 7/27/07, srikanta at nie.ac.in <srikanta at nie.ac.in> wrote:
> It is true that the grace of a Guru is essential to know the Truth.But,to
> come to that one has to be aware of the transitorines of Life and the
> World.Practically speaking,in these days, it is hard to get a Guru who is
> honest and who is a "Brahmanishta".The Gurus themselves are too occupied
> with the World and their own problems and are groping in the dark.Unless
> one has the conviction about Vairagya and Viveka himself no Guru can help
> him.This is the first step.What is the use if our neighbour is a
> millionare?
>                                                          N.Srikanta.
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