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While going thru this posting regarding one thing really struck me.
""Day after day countless people die. Yet the living wish to live
forever. O Lord, what can be  greater wonder?"
I think this can certainly be viewes  from the other angle.
Day after day we keep seeing other people die. True. But has anyone ever 
seen him'self' Dying???
No...No one can, because the Self never dies. When self never dies how it 
can watch its own death. So what we are seeing as others dying is mere 
illusion. Like wise the birth too, no one has seen his own birth.(whether it 
is the even of comming out of mother's womb or the conception itself)
When you understand this, ie, both birth and death are mere illusions, how 
can you gat attched to anything? When there is no sort of attachment where 
is the question of Vairagya and what for??



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>In yaksha prasna when asked what is the greatest wonder Yudishtira responds
>"Day after day countless people die. Yet the living wish to live
>forever. O Lord, what can be  greater wonder?"
>How profound. We see our near and dear depart. Yet we always believe
>it will never happen to us. Or atleast feel comfortable thinking that
>Just not in this birth, we have had several births where we have
>experienced the loss of our near and dear. Inspite of this, we have
>not achieved viveka/vairagya.
>The truth is we love ourselves so much than anything else. We have
>also experienced birth and death in so many janmas. Yet, we have not
>achieved viveka/vairagya.
>Hence there is nothing new that we have to experience to realize the
>truth. All that is required is washing of this vasanas acquired which
>can happen only on surrendering to a sadguru as that is paramount.
>there is no question of not doing sadhana. The very fact that one is
>initiated into a sadhana also happens by His grace. The guru
>constantly tests the maturity of the sishya and also gives the latter
>the strength to overcome the obstacles in the path of sadhana.
>Sadguro Saranam

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