[Advaita-l] Some rebellious remarks on Sri SSS

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Thu Apr 26 13:50:01 CDT 2007

Rama wrote:
  BTW, do you have any comments on section 3? I think that's the most
  interesting part. I had the greatest difficulty writing that section.
dear sri rama,
ref. section 3.1 - comments on experiencer-experienced schism:
we have to admit that the post-division discrimination between seer and seen
  is the essential approach to realization. however, the seen is sublated as
  avidya-karya to permanently establish self in Self. here the sublation is the
  ref. section 3.1 - comments on objectivity:
  modern science tries to achieve objectivity by removing the subjectivity by
  interposing sufficiently dead (insentient) instrumentation. The expectation is
  that insentience/jadatha provides reliable, repeatable permanence to
  Whereas, the method of vedanta achieves objectivity by understanding that
  instead of there being just object and subject there is a third entity called
  witness. Witness is not the subject, in the sense that, it is not subjected to the
  phenomena, and the witness in turn does not influence the phenomena by
  virtue of non-attachment or perfect disparateness. such a seer has perfect
  objectivity. this seer looks at phenomena and sees sruti.
  ref. section 3.5 - comments on sruti, tarka, and action:
i really cannot comment here wih any authority, yet here i go...
  i stand firmly on the ground that
  - jnana does not act to create or destroy, it reveals
  - jnana is not action
- tarka or reasoning is action
- reasoning seeks to create, erect a superstructure, it models as it goes
- mundane anubhava is truth lost in action
- sruti is revealed truth
  - sruti is non-personal in its vastness of scope, yet inner to the individual.
  sruti guides like the sun, it attracts by virtue of being the brightest, 
  yet the words 'cover the truth like the golden orb of the sun'. sruti is the beacon
  in a trackless world of phenomenon. right reason (discrimination) winds its way
  the fundamental question which has to be answered is the location of
  appearance of sruti. as is evident from the records of the seers of the past,
  in-wards is sruti-wards. soul of sruti is located in the inner 'akasha' (dahara).
  though internal, sruti makes its appearance within panchakoshas to budhi,
  but is really apart & inner to them. Words cover sruti.
  it is said that Vedas are created with the world at the beginning of each cycle
  of srushti, it would be worth examining this in the context of the section 3 of the
  subject paper.

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