[Advaita-l] Some rebellious remarks on Sri SSS

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Hare Krishna

By the way, is it permissible to draft reply to Paper on SSS by the one who
is already following teachings of Sri SSS & have conviction in it ??
Ofcourse, I am one of the hard core followers of Sri SSS teachings, and
more importantly I do not have an oscillating mind set to stick to
something sometime & jump to another some other time especially when it
comes to shankara's advaita philosophy :-))  Since the author of Paper on
SSS does not seem to ready to accept replies from followers of SSS, I
request the moderators to clarify their stand on this RULE...

praNAms Bhaskarji

Sri Vidyasankar had earlier clarified that participation by the followers is indeed welcome; the moderators only wish to avoid proof by assertion or repetition. His mail is reproduced below for your ready reference.

A couple of words on terminology. Though I have studied in an English medium school, I found words like epistemic, ontic, exgesis (SAstrArtha-nirNayam), soteriology (moksha-SAstram) etc. interrupting the reading, but plodded on trying to expand the term everytime I encountered them, and by the end of the first reading of the paper, I was comfortable. 

I am sure a lot of people are eagerly awaiting for your and other followers of SSS's response. I particularly want to know how the followers of SSS reconcile the notion that pratyaksha / anubhava is the kingpin of pramANas with the Sankaran principle of Sruti being the pramANa when it reveals something not immediately experienced (Brahman is the foremost of such revealed things).


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>For the most part, I am with you on discussions derailed etc., but what 
>kind of discussion is this going to be if the opposition cannot 

Jaldhar, Ravi and I read through the rules that Ramakrishnan wants to abide 
by and okayed them before he posted them to the list. So perhaps a 
clarification from one of the moderators is necessary here.

Our intention is to see a thoughtful discussion, not to prevent it. By 
definition, the two extreme poles of this discussion can only be defined 
between those who are absolutely convinced that Swami Saccidanandendra 
Sarasvati is right and those who are equally convinced of the opposite. As 
you noticed, the key conjunction is the "and" - it applies only to those who 
take a strident and almost missionary stance. The idea is that everyone 
should avoid the tendency to "prove by assertion" or "prove by repetition".

As moderators, we expect that both sides confine their attention to the 
topics of substance, rather than express emotional opinions on sampradAya 
etc. Thus, the focus should be on topics like the 
epistemological/ontological status of avidyA and/or mAyA, whether 
bRhadAraNyaka and mANDUkya upanishad texts say something mutually different 
about sushupti, etc. It goes without saying that the proposed rules (or code 
of conduct for this discussion, I would say) apply equally to all 
participants, on both sides of the debate.

Hoping that everyone keeps the tone and content of the discussion at an 
elevated level,

Best regards,

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