[Advaita-l] Some rebellious remarks on Sri SSS

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Wed Apr 25 01:51:33 CDT 2007

There is nothing wrong about changing one's mind about a school of thought
after a more in-depth study. As one progresses in the study, it is quite
possible that the shortcomings of the approach become obvious.

Hare Krishna

But how long do you want to continue this indepth study & keep on doubting
the every other way ??  Take the example of rAmAnuja, madhva, chaitanya
mahaprabhuji they all have had advaita guru-s & after *in-depth* studies in
the path of advaita, they have decided advaita goes against shurti & other
pramANa-s...do you think it is really the *shortcomings of the advaitic
approach* made them to think like that??  Dont you think there should be an
end in our spiritual/pholosophical  quest??  For that matter, I was
sometime back bigotedly following ISKCONites philosophy....By the grace of
god, I came into contact with prabhuji-s like Sri Vidya & Sri Jaldhar,
through their incessant efforts, I started realizing shankara's advaita
philosophy is shruti, yukti & anubhava sammata & thought that my
spiritual/philosophical quest should end there..If tomorrow someone else
would come & present his views with an *in-depth* studies & says/proves
dvaita is the ultimatum of shruti & scored over my intelligence,  do you
want me to jump out of my boat  & again start taking the refresh course in
dvaita?? Ofcourse there should be an objective enquiry before we chose one
as our guru/path...But once we decided with firm conviction that he is our
guru and this is approach towards truth ...there should not be an iota of
doubt in your guru's teachings...guru bhakti, shraddhA in guru vAkya is
what is required for AtmOddhAra, we cannot keep on spending our lives in

guruvina gulaamanaaguva tanaka doreyadanna mukuti...says purandara daasa...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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