[Advaita-l] Re: samAdhi -Universe merging into brAhmaN of shruti- is not an Experience

Ram Garib garib_ram at yahoo.co.in
Fri Sep 22 15:35:14 CDT 2006

--- Subramanyam Natarajan --- 

> By way of reiteration of the verses from Taittiriya
> Upanishad as 
> earlier pointed out by Shri Abishekji, The
> subsequent verse in the same sUktham states:
> nAnyah panThA vidyathE ayanAya (By no other means
> shall this be attained ?!)

Add another from mAndukya:

"sa eva sarvam. yad bhUtva yat cha bhavyam. sanAtanam.
jnAtvA tam mR^ityumatyeti nAnyah panthah vimuktaye."

Mark the emphasis on knowing and nothing else.

Shankara has been charged in many cases(and not
without reason) for twisting out the convenient
meaning from vedic verses. This is obviously not one
of them.

With regards,
Ram Garib 

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