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There is a dissertation by Martha Doherty, a disciple of Swami Dayananda
Saraswati, on the Avidya debate. I studied the thesis and in my opinion
the arguments were quite weak. She had also cited the 1976 debate. She
took the position of Bhavarupa avidya. 

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Here is some relevant information. In the book, "lekharatnamAlA-1", a 
collection of articles and lectures by Shri V.S. Ramachandra Sastri, 
published by Vidyanidhi Foundation, Bangalore, 2003, we find an article 
titled "Review of Discussion on Mulavidya", pages 153-169. This article
actually a report on a discussion that took place on February 24 and 25,

1976 at Shankar Math, Bangalore, in the presence of Shri Abhinava 
Vidyatirtha Svaminah and Shri Bharatitirtha Svaminah. The discussion on 
mUlAvidyA took place between scholars of the Sampradaya school
and the Karyalaya (VipakShins) and before a panel of arbitrators.

Many points made by the Sampradaya school justify the mUlAvidyA that is 
bhAvarUpA and is the upAdAnakAraNa of the entire dvaitaprapaJNcha. Right
the sUtrabhAShya on tadadhInatvAdarthavat.h, we find
tu iyamasmAbhiH jagataH prAgavasthA abhyupagamyate, na svatantratA| ... 
avidyAtmikA hi bIjashaktiH avyaktashabdanirdeshyA parameshvarAshrayA 
mAyAmayI mahAsuShuptiH ... avyaktA hi sA mAyA ..." Also, in the vArtika,
have adhyAsashcha vinA hetuM na loka upapadyate, and asya
yadupAdAnakAraNam.h, ajnAnaM tadupAshritya brahma kAraNamuchyate.

Thus, "it became absolutely clear that the Bhavarupa Mulavidya, which is
primal cause of saMsAra, given expression to and used in Sastric
parlance by 
mighty men of erudition in the anAdisatsaMpradAya, is entirely in
with the bhAshyas and vArtikas accepted by the Vipakshins."

The verdict by arbitrators: The arbitrators decided in favor of the 
sampradAya school, agreeing that in the matter of mUlAvidyA, the cause
saMsAra as accepted in the advaita sampradAya and made clear in the 
prasthanatraya bhAShyas and the vArtikas, the sampradAya view is the


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