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Sun Oct 8 21:15:40 CDT 2006

--- jagannathan mahadevan
<jagannathan.mahadevan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Below is an historical question (no other intention
> except to know
> more of the history):
> Kudali shankara mutt was the center of Sri
> Ramakrishnans email
> sometime ago. I wonder if the above excerpt refers
> to the same Kudali
> mutt. Was this mutt also a branch of sringeri or did
> it have a line of
> teachers independent of the sringeri mutt?
> See quote below in the links:

I am sorry, I have no idea of the history of these
Mutts. Thanks to Sri Vidyasankar who has answered this
under the "Age/History of Sankara" thread.


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