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In my previous post on this thread, I had written,

>possible at a different time. He then draws attention to YS 2.44 
>ishTa devatA samprayogaH" and mentions that the various powers acquired
>through the practice of yoga cannot be refuted by mere denial. He says that
>even the Veda tells us of the greatness of yoga and quotes SvetASvatara
>upanishat verse 2.14 in this regard.

The SvetASvataropanishat verse numbering (2.14) is on the basis of the 
edition of BSBh edition prepared by Nurani Anantakrishna Sastri, containing 
the sUtra and bhAshya accompanied by bhAmatI, vedAntakalpataru and parimala.

The actual verse quoted in BSBh is

pRthv-ab-tejo-'nila-khe samutthite pancAtmake yogaguNe pravRtte |
na tasya rogo na jarA na mRtyuH prAptasya yogAgnimayaM SarIram ||

In most publications of SvetASvataropanishat, this verse is numbered 2.12, 
with a reading that has the word duHkhaM (sorrow) instead of mRtyuH (death). 
Both readings are found in manuscripts. The 13th-14th century commentary on 
this upanishat by SankarAnanda reads duHkhaM and the AnandASrama Sanskrit 
series edition reports both readings.


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