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  The August issue of Kadambari, the e-magazine of
Devipuram is available for download for all
the devotees at the brand new website of Devipuram -

  This issue is coming with a set of 17 wonderful articles
covering various aspects of spirituality, mainly Srividya,
Tantra and Advaita Vedanta. The articles appear with a brief
biodata of all the esteemed authors who have contributed
to this issue of Kadambari.

  Here is what the editor of Kadambari has to say about
this issue of Kadambari:

"I think you will be amazed by the wealth of wisdom
and erudition assembled here, and inspired by the
devotional depth of the work. I have studied all of these
articles very closely, and I respectfully encourage you to
try and do the same. Spend some time with this issue; read
it; reflect upon it; save it and pass copies along to others
– I feel sure that you will come away a better sadhaka, and
I daresay a better person, whatever your path may be."

For the next issue of Kadambari, the Kadambari
staff have decided to request devotees themselves
to design the Cover page for the next issue of
Kadambari. Anyone who is creative, can design
the cover page and send us. The most impressive
creative would be used for the cover page of the next
issue, which is scheduled for release in
the next two months.

  Kindly forward the link or the PDF to your friends,
fellow seekers and disciples. It is freely downloadable.


  We thank you all for your esteemed contributions
which helped us in bringing out another beautiful
issue of Kadambari for Guru Poornima. We humbly
request you to continue your cooperation and
contribution for future issues of Kadambari.
Our Kadambari Staff would be in touch with you.

  If you have any questions regarding Kadambari, you can
write to us at kadambari at devipuram.com.

"Kadambari - I Love Light"

At Your Service
Devipuram Seva Group
seva at devipuram.com

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