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> [..]
> > (d) whether jnAni required sustained *effort* to maintain his
> Atma
> > jnAna??
> > (e) issue relates to sadyO mukti...
> >
> Can you please tell us what the conclusions of SSS were on the
> above
> points?
> Thanks,
> Kartik
> praNAms Sri Kartik prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> due to dasara holidays could not write to you prabhuji, pardon me.
> According to SSS answer for the (d) is NO...*effort* implies
> *katrutva*
> whereas brahma jnAna sublates this very notion of *katrutva*
> *pramAtrutva*
> etc.  prasaNkhyAna vAda simply does not fit into the context of
> shruti
> pratipAdita *brahma jnAni*..

How then does SSS interpret the following from Sankara's
Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Bhashya 1.4.7 [1]:

yady apy evaM SarIrAbdhakasya karmaNo niyata-phalatvAt
samyag-jnAna-prAptAv apy avaSyaM-bhAvinI-pravRttir
vA.n-manaH-kAyAnAm. labdha-vRtter karmaNo balIyastvAt, mukteShvAdi
pravRttivat. tena pakShe prAptaM jnAna-pravRtti-daurbalyaM. tasmAd
tyAga-vairAgyAdi-sAdhana-balAvalambena Atma-vijnAna-smRti-saMtatir
niyantavyA bhavati ...

The gist of the above quotation is, "even after the rise of right
knowledge (samyag-jnAna), due to the strong effect of prior karmA
(balIyastva), whose momentum is like that of a released arrow (mukta
iShu), and the relatively weakness of the newly acquired tendency
towards jnAna, it is necessary (niyantavyA) to maintain a steady
recollection of Self-knowledge (Atma-vijnAna-smRti-saMtati), assisted
by sAdhana-s like renunciation (tyAga), dispassion (vairAgya) and the

Sankara goes on to say that this can therefore be seen as a niyama
vidhi, in the technical mImAMsA sense of injunction, but his
intention here is very clear as to what he thinks is required after
the rise of right knowledge.

[1] Vidyasankar's posting at

> And for the (e)...shankara himself clarifies this point & says
> brahma jnAna
> is NOT the state that can be achieved only after *death* or going
> to *some
> other* lOka/abode...SSS holds this view point & accordingly says
> brahma
> jnAna is realizable in this very life...
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