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Thu Oct 5 23:26:23 CDT 2006


> (d) whether jnAni required sustained *effort* to maintain his Atma
> jnAna??
> (e) issue relates to sadyO mukti...

Can you please tell us what the conclusions of SSS were on the above


praNAms Sri Kartik prabhuji
Hare Krishna

due to dasara holidays could not write to you prabhuji, pardon me.

According to SSS answer for the (d) is NO...*effort* implies *katrutva*
whereas brahma jnAna sublates this very notion of *katrutva* *pramAtrutva*
etc.  prasaNkhyAna vAda simply does not fit into the context of shruti
pratipAdita *brahma jnAni*..

And for the (e)...shankara himself clarifies this point & says brahma jnAna
is NOT the state that can be achieved only after *death* or going to *some
other* lOka/abode...SSS holds this view point & accordingly says brahma
jnAna is realizable in this very life...

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