[Advaita-l] Real vs Unreal

Krunal Makwana krunalmakwana at hotmail.com
Tue May 16 07:24:07 CDT 2006

namo nArAyana
Dear Vishwanathaji,
>   In this analogy equating the light/electricity behind the light as Maya is not appropriate, I feel. >  I used to say thats the  'self' within. but the thoughts in the mind is the film role inside the the projector thats being projected as external world. The movement you cleanup your mind and make it thought less is there wud be no projection and you see the orginal self alone on the screen.Thank you for your contribution, I was personally pondering as well if i should name electricity mAyA but i feel the statement is justified. Here are some of my reasons why. 
1. As electricity is not an inherent element of the projector, ajnAna is not inherent in brahman but a superimposition.
2. Brahman (projector) will always remain constant and 'akartA', there is no 'real' modification to Brahman.  And the modification that does take place is only during projection.
3. The projection is the samskAras (subtle imprints) that are projected.
4. The 'more' you clean up your mind, the more you'll understand that the projection is only impressions of past actions, and the electricity (mAyA) tries to deny the soul the existence of the projector but makes the jiva believe the projection is real. 
5. If electricity was the light of the self then the power would be inherent within the projector (brahman) but that is not the case.
6. The electricity cannot be the 'self' as when the projection is over, no light remains, only the projector (brahman), so if brahman was the light, that would then lead to brahman also being subject to creation and dissolution.
7. The original self cannot also be projected on screen as this also is dependent on electricity (mAyA).
Vishwanathaji please correct me if i am wrong in my views, advaita is a ever learning process :)
Kind regards,Krunal
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