[Advaita-l] Break between awakestate/sleepingstate

Taina Kilpiainen tutteli at yahoo.com
Tue May 16 04:13:38 CDT 2006

I have read about Sri Ramana's book that it would good
to be
vigilant just in time of falling asleep and just when
one have woked
up from sleep.

I have tried to do so; but I can see dream pictures
already when I
have consciousness I am yet awake, so although I am
awake I may see
dream picturs and hear voices etc. And I cannot find
moment when I
fall fully asleep and I cannot find where "I" will
sink !!

Same is with waking, meantime I see dream happenings I
am conscious
I am already woke up, I see dream-picture and however
I am awake, so
I am not able to find from where "I" comes.

So my experience is this kind: awake/dream and
dream/awake changes
seamless without "break", "I" sink and rises so
quickly I can not
find it.

Only if I woke up suddently I may find more deeply
feeling of being.
But this happen very very rare. And then I find I am
inside some kind
intense darkness.

I wanted to find source of "I"-think.

Have anyone in this list give advices how to practise
this? Somekind links, texts etc. Maybe
someone have found this "break" between awake/dream
state and vice
versa so to give advices about practising this. I have
tried to be
very vigilant, I enquiry just after I have got bed
"Who am I", I try
to experience "I"-feeling but dream-pictures comes and
I fall asleep.

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