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Sat May 6 18:53:02 CDT 2006

On 5/4/06, Amuthan <aparyap at> wrote:
> 1. speculations are not proofs. (this alone is a
> sufficient reply to ur 'proof'.)

exactly, stating something is not a proof of that something. thats
what the vedas also do.

> 2. truth cannot be established based on a theory that
> is changing with time.

the "true" theory, if it exists, _may_ be established by refining
current understanding (changing theory). the chance is FAR less if a
static archaic theory is adhered to without justification.

> 3. the existence of consciousness cannot be proved
> based on any action. rather, all actions presuppose
> the existence of a conscious self.

who's trying to prove? only trying to presuppose the existence of a
conscious self here. But God forbid I assume the existence of a
conscious self without studying the vedas! (please read sarcasm)

> 4. awareness of one's own existence does not imply
> that brahman exists.


> 6. statements like 'consciouness collapses
> probabilities into reality' etc. are non verifiable
> assertions. they are nothing more than speculations on
> part of the observer. go to 1.

that's what vedic statements are. speculations on the part of the
seers. go to 1.

> 7. vedAnta is more fundamental than science. if at all
> u want to associate science and vedAnta, it is science
> that has to agree with vedAnta. not otherwise.

yeah, science has to agree with the "fact" that the priest should not
sit facing west during the concluding of a yagya. only then will the
yagya bear fruit.

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