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Thu May 4 04:07:35 CDT 2006

namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI sailesh ganesh,

there are lots of logical flaws in your argument. i
don't have the time right now to get into the details,
but let me give some general pointers based on which u
can recognize the flaws after some reflection,

1. speculations are not proofs. (this alone is a
sufficient reply to ur 'proof'.)

2. truth cannot be established based on a theory that
is changing with time.

3. the existence of consciousness cannot be proved
based on any action. rather, all actions presuppose
the existence of a conscious self.

4. awareness of one's own existence does not imply
that brahman exists. 

5. the stern-gerlach experiment, the double slit
experiment etc. in quantum physics point out a
fundamental deficiency in classical physics. what at
best can be said with certainity about the results of
such experiments is that "there is a limit to the
fineness of our powers of observation and the
smallness of the accompanying disturbance - a limit
which is inherent in the nature of things and can
never be surpassed by improved technique or increased
skill on the part of the observer" (paul dirac, in
'the principles of quantum mechanics',oxford
university press). 

6. statements like 'consciouness collapses
probabilities into reality' etc. are non verifiable
assertions. they are nothing more than speculations on
part of the observer. go to 1. 

7. vedAnta is more fundamental than science. if at all
u want to associate science and vedAnta, it is science
that has to agree with vedAnta. not otherwise. 
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> The experiments in the field of quantum physics have
> shown that events (such
> as the position, velocity of an electron) can only
> ....... 
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vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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