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It may be wrong to say that there is no Advaita without Vedas. Advaita
is independent of any scriptures. However, the Vedic tradition
(sampradaya) alone has passed down teaching methods to adequately convey
this truth of Advaita effectively. Hence we can say that only the Vedic
tradition teaches Advaita effectively and it is like no other. 

Other religions too speak of Advaita passively but they do not possess a
tradition to teach it effectively. So it may be wrong to say that the
Vedas alone reveal Advaita. We must learn differentiate between Advaita
& Advaita Vedanta. The former is Tattva and the latter is Sampradaya. 

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Dear Aditya Varun Chadha
I think without the Vedas declaring that there is Brahman where is the 
question of Advaitha being formulated by Adi Sankara?Advaitha is only 
declaring that Brahman is there and Brahman alone is there.Advaita
Vedas and not vice verse.There can be no Advaita without the 
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The point is:

1.  This is a list for advaitins and those who seek to know about
2.  advaita is a school of metaphysics, not ethics.
3a. advaitin metaphysics is derivABLE without invoking the vedas
(through purely mental acrobatics)
3b. the infallability/fallability of vedas has no bearing on the
theory called advaita.
4.  women and vedas is an issue of AcharaN and therefore has to do with 
5.  since vedas are NOT necessary for the upholding of advaita,
advaitins can hold views about an ethical issue that contradicts the
vedic tradition and yet does not contradict advaita (which is pure

the most an advaitin can argue is to say that upanishadic metaphysics
is consistent with advaitin metaphysics. advaita has no jurisdiction
in terms of "women and vedas". Since this is a list for advaitins (the
requirement is not of being a vedic traditionalist), whatever we
discuss about ethics does not NEED to be validated against Sruti

I can say Einstein was wrong on many occasions but still believe in
the theory of relativity. So quit the holier than thou attitude saying
that advaitins have to accept the complete infallability of the vedas.
They don't. And since we don't HAVE to adhere, we can propose
experiments, say that women CAN read the vedas, that vedas are WRONG
about women, etc. etc., because none of this contradicts advaita.
(Again, advaita is a theory of metaphysics, not of ethics).

When I say the Vedas are wrong in some places (like when they say
doing a particular yagya is conducive to rainfall), I don't have to
give you any proof of my statement. Just like the vedic
traditionalists ASSUME the infallibility of the vedas, I assume their
fallability. Just like I cannot disprove their infallability, you
cannot disprove their fallability. Taking either stance has no effect
on advaita (a school of metaphysics).

I believe that the world will be a better place and mukti a more
common phenomenon if women and Sudras read the vedas. You cannot prove
me wrong by saying that the vedas say otherwise. I am an advaitin, not
a vedic traditionalist.

yes, the skepticism is based on my own set of assumptions. but since
these assumptions are not in contradiction with advaita as such, don't
argue with me by saying that "vedas say differently". even if they do,
it has no bearing on what I am saying in a list full of advaitins.

Call me a "new ager" if you feel like. we can all call each other any
names we like, after all none of us are muktas. blah.

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