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Tue May 2 09:03:25 CDT 2006

Aditya Varun Chadha <adichad at> wrote:
But I keep calling myself advaitin. Why? because I derive the same
metaphysics from my own assumptions. even though from those very
assumptions I derive an ethics VERY different from that of the vedic
tradition. advaita is a school of metaphysics, NOT of ethics. and
therefore one can be an advaitin without adhering to vedic ethics. so
much for vedic authority over advaita.

I say vedas are WRONG in many places. I assume so (no burden of proof
on me). You can't prove me wrong (try if you like). advaita can be
derived without the vedas, so stop taking a holier than thou
perspective on women and vedas on a list about advaita.

  In a way I can sympathise with you. As a fellow occasional-sceptic, if I may offer a few friendly words, asserting that 'Vedas are WRONG' is going overboard. I know that Sri Sankara himself in the Brahmasutrabhashya said that arguing against the teachings of great sages like Kapila or Gautama should not be construed as disrespect to them. Even so, vedic seers occupy a different place altogether.
  Yes, you are right there ought to be a separation between ethics and metaphysics. This is clearly followed in the vedic literature. The question of women and vedas properly belongs to the domain of dharmaSAstras or smritis. Over the ages from Apastamba to Swami Dayanand great men gave their own interpretation of vedas and their bearing on ethics formally or otherwise and we would rather a Aditya Varun Chadha give his understanding of vedic ethics, and not assert that Vedas are WRONG.
  As to the narrow legal point of why we discuss ethics in a forum on advaita, it is up to the moderators. The same legal framework which makes us pained over elaborate discussion on ethics in an advaitic list, clearly sanctions that the judgement of moderators be used in deciding such questions.
  Finally, all - both AstikAs and nAstikAs - benefit from Sama, restraint of passions, if I may remind.

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